About Us...
Extremely Good People For Extremely Good Companies

Every Company Has a Culture/Soul
Extreme Solutions believes that a company's personality is reflected by its top leadership. We think that a Microsoft attracts a different kind of candidate than an Oracle. Like marriage, it is important that the employee and the employer are suited to one another. It is our job, like the matchmaker in Fiddler on the Roof, to find the perfect match. To do that, we spend a great deal of time learning the company's culture and expectations. Then we search for candidates that will compliment that company's culture and expectations. We want to find candidates that will be happy long-term in the new position. This leads to less turnover, higher productivity and higher revenues. Of course, it also leads to the company's vision being fulfilled.

How Our Clients Win

The Total is Equal to More Than the Sum of the Parts
What kind of team is being created by adding a new player? Is it better or worse? Will the new player be accepted by the other players? An employee is not just a job, he or she may effect the whole company. Extreme Solutions' goal is to be your team coordinator and to search for synergistic new stars. We have high success because:

  • We are constantly creating a larger and larger network of all the best talent or sources to that talent. We avoid the job boards. This gives you winner candidates.
  • We have a comprehensive process of finding our client company's needs with expert consultation as to the realities of the market. This lowers risk and saves time and money.

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