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specializes in helping firms build teams of individuals who work well together. We want to help build better workplaces that are fun, productive and profitable. Our current areas of specialty are Information Technology (IT), sustainable (Green), Healthcare, Financial Services, Marketing and High Level Sales. Please contact us for more information.

Finding the Best Search Structure for Your Organization

We offer three search solutions to meet your needs, Retained Search, Engaged Search and Contingency Search. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to find the best search structure that will give your firm the best employees quickly and efficiently. We strive to be your long-term partner that you can point to as the firm that made a difference, that brought you the talent, that helped catapult you to the next level.

  • Retained Search
    Used by most firms to find senior level management, this search structure guarantees a concentrated effort by a team of executive recruiters. Intense phone calling, meetings, travel, and extreme service characterizes this kind of search structure. We orchestrate all efforts to find the perfect candidate, from working with your HR department to interviews with people who will be working with the new hire. We want to not only find someone who can do an excellent job, we want someone that strengthens the team and its culture. Our fee is the same as the other structures but is paid in installments, 1/3 upon signing, 1/3 after 30 days and 1/3 after 60 days + expenses. In this structure you are strictly paying for our efforts to find qualified candidates and the search ends after 90 days. The advantage of this search is that you focus our efforts completely on your search. The disadvantage is that you are not guaranteed that we will find the right candidate in 90 days. Although we have never experienced this problem, it does seem to be a psychological barrier for some clients.

  • Engaged Search
    This search structure has the advantages of both the Retained Search and the Contingency Search without many of the disadvantages. It has the advantage of highly focused recruiting with the advantage of a guaranteed hire or we receive no full fee. For many of our clients, this is the best search structure. Like the Retained Search, we conduct a highly focused recruiting partnership with your company that involves in-depth Job Order interviews with key executives. Our focused efforts mean many phone calls, meetings, interviews, and contact with our extensive network. This structure is used by our clients for positions:
    • Of High Priority
    • Which have been unfilled for too long and are costing the company money, diminished morale, and disruption among employees who are doing the extra work
    • Where Candidates are Difficult to Find
    • Where Candidates are Highly Recruited by Everyone
    • With Special Recruiting Challenges such as Company Image, no Relocation Budget, High Amounts of Travel, and Job Location

    The Engaged Search has all the benefits of the Retained Search. To start the search, a non-refundable engagement fee equal to 1/3 of the estimated placement fee is paid. This engagement fee is credited toward the total placement fee. The Engaged Search also has all the benefits of the Contingency Search. The other 2/3's (remaining fee) are paid when the new hire starts the job. You could say that the Engaged Search is 1/3 Retained and 2/3's Contingency. As an example if the search fee was 30%, then 10% would be paid as an engagement fee and the other 20% when the candidate was hired.

    Benefits of the Engaged Search:
    • Knowing that we are paid for our services keeps us highly focused to create immediate results
    • We are doing what we do best, finding the best talent for your organization.
    • We present the search as a retained search which has higher prestige with the candidates. The candidates know you are serious because you are paying an up front fee. The better candidates perception is that retained searches mean better jobs. It is easier to attract good candidates with a Retained or Engaged Search.
    • At our discretion, we will work with some of your Contingency firms and will split the placement fees with them if they provide the candidate that is ultimately hired. You still have the benefit of old relationships.

  • Contingency Search
    The Contingency Search is used by many firms as a source of candidates from recruiters. The firm that gives the best candidate who is hired is the only firm that gets paid. The advantage of this search structure is that you have the potential to have a lot of firms scrambling to find good candidates without having to pay for all of that effort. In fact, if your company finds the hired candidate, you might not have to pay any fee. At Extreme Solutions, we give you more than most firms when it comes to the Contingency Search. We do the arduous task of sourcing candidates and receiving recommendations from their peers. You usually only find this with the Retained Search or the Engaged Search. The disadvantage of the Contingency Search structure is that many firms do not give this level of effort. In some cases those firms may only look through their database and on the job boards but may not do enough work of the hard core recruiting and sourcing to find the best candidates. Because they know they are competing with other firms and your HR department, they may only give limited effort and only give that effort for the searches where they are most likely to make easy placements. The fact is, when the fee is based on contingency, any firm must weigh where their time is best spent. Will it be on your needs or another company's? You may think you have a lot of firms doing a search for you, but you may be surprised to find out that they are only checking databases and not doing real recruiting. Extreme Solutions takes pride in the fact that we give a higher level of search even on the Contingency Search.

Existing Clients

Although we may already have a relationship, we may need to become acquainted with a new hiring manager and his or her style and needs. We look forward to completing the Search Order over the phone (888-635-0888) or in person. Please feel free to email or fax all qualifications and descriptions of the perfect candidate and then let's schedule a phone or in person appointment. We want more than just job descriptions and qualifications, we want to find out what would make a "A Player" for your firm.

New Clients

We always like to make new friends. Thank you for partnering with Extreme Solutions. Your success drives our success. Please read Our Search Process, The Search Agreement and phone us at 888-635-0888 or send us email. Please send us your search order formatted in MS Word via email, fax or the phone.

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